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Sneak Peek:Toyota Refreshes the Highlander for 2020

Toyota Highlander When you're looking to drive a new ride and want to have a commanding presence on the road, owning an SUV is an ideal option that will allow you to enjoy a high level of performance. The Toyota Highlander is one of the most respected vehicles on the road due to its longevity and reliability. For 2020, it's undergone a refresh with a new generation that has a higher level of design and is also fuel-efficient.
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How to Turn Toyota Steering Assist On & Off

Toyota Driver Driving

Many vehicles on the market come with great safety and convenience features. Toyota has some very semi-autonomous technology features in their current models of vehicles that include the pre-collision system and pedestrian-avoiding steering assist system. These safety features are designed to protect people that are within the area of your vehicle. With so many different features aimed towards protecting you and your passengers, this is a great step in the right direction for pedestrians.

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