Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

After driving around in the winter season, your car can suffer from wear and tear as it's exposed to the elements. Restoring the quality of your vehicle is key to preventing it from having issues in the future. Here are a few auto maintenance tips to follow in the spring of 2022 to ensure you're ready for more time spent on the road.

Schedule an Oil Change

Schedule an oil change to ensure your engine operates well and doesn't develop premature wear and tear. New oil will allow the parts to operate well and have proper lubrication. You can also rotate the tires and inflate them to ensure they remain in good condition and last longer.

Wax the Exterior

During the winter season, a film of dirt and grime can develop on your vehicle, which can cause the paint to appear dull and dingy. Cleaning the exterior and waxing it will restore the shine of the exterior and can make it look new again. You can also check for any dings or dents that are present, which can be restored with paintless dent repair at a local auto body shop. If minor scratches are present on the body, you can use paint to touch up the blemishes to make them less visible.

Update the Emergency Kit

Now is the time to update your emergency kit with new supplies you'll need if your car breaks down. Check the jumper cables for any frayed wires that are present. You may also need to add new batteries to the emergency flashlight. Add more snacks and water to the kit to ensure you have what you need if you have to wait for a tow truck. Winter items like snow boots, blankets, and tire chains can be removed from the kit.

Test the A/C

You'll start using the air conditioner more frequently during the spring season, which makes it necessary to test it out in advance to ensure it's working correctly. Test all of the different speeds out and feel the vents for cool air that should be blowing through.

You can contact our experts today to learn more information about how to care for your vehicle in the spring and perform the proper maintenance. Our team is here to answer your questions and will give you the knowledge you need to reverse damage or wear and tear caused by driving around in the winter.

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