Toyota Land Cruiser  

In 2021, Toyota states that the 200 Series Land Cruiser Heritage Edition makes a "second climb," which aptly describes the second generation's triumphant return to the market. The Heritage Edition debuted in 2020 as the first-ever trim of its kind. In 2021, the special edition of the Land Cruiser returns with even more notable features and amenities. This time around, the Heritage Edition offers more opportunities for a custom interior finish, including switching from seating for five to seating for eight. The Special Edition is also available with two new intriguing paint colors this year, which are a Black Metallic and a Blizzard Pearl. The Land Cruiser's exterior also features a black-accented grille and unique wheels with a bronze-colored polish. The 18-inch wheels have a forged aluminum finish with a "Toyota" center cap. A strong and sturdy V8 engine provides the 2021 Land Cruiser with plenty of power as it did in 2020. This year's Land Cruiser can pull an impressive 8,500 pounds, and it has plenty of safety towing features.

Historically, the Land Cruiser has earned a reputation as one of the most adept vehicles on the market for off-road adventure and exploration. This year's Land Cruiser Heritage Edition is no different, but it has a few more modern features attached to help conquer the terrain. The latest Heritage Edition is made with a full-time four-wheel drive. It also has low-traction gearing to help the SUV maintain control and prevent wheel slipping, even in the most harrowing conditions. The Land Cruiser gets skid plates that protect its vital and vulnerable mechanical components. A locking differential and independent suspension with a double-wishbone suspension in the front and a coiled suspension in the back are other notable qualities of the Heritage Edition. You can also choose from an assortment of driving modes, including CRAWL control and multi-terrain select, to create a smooth and safe ride.

The cabin of the latest 200 Series Heritage Edition is equally admirable. The Heritage Edition has a standard seating arrangement for five occupants, but you can choose a configuration that seats eight instead by opting for a bench-style seating design. The Heritage Edition gets a nice standard safety package called Toyota Safety Sense P. This package includes radar-assist cruise control and a pre-collision system that automatically applies the brakes to help avoid collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians. Lane departure alert and radar cruise control are also included. A heated steering wheel, ventilated seats, and a premium sound system are other highlights.

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