One of the many amazing features that Toyota includes in their vehicles right now is the Destination Assist feature. Destination Assist provides you with access to a live agent that can help you navigate your way around town or on vacation. With a couple of taps of a button on your infotainment system, you’ll be given directions right to your multimedia device. You don’t have to look for anything on your own; you tell the agent where you’re trying to go. You control when the directions are given, and you can shut the feature off when you’re done with it.

Once you’re behind the wheel of a Toyota that has Destination Assist, you’ll want to access the main menu on your infotainment screen. From here, select Destination and then Destination assist. Once you have are connected with a live agent, you can communicate where you’re trying to travel. Your agent will figure out the directions promptly, and you’ll be on your way in no time. You don’t have to be concerned with pulling over if you’re on a busy road. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road to figure out directions on your own. You’ll find you use this feature more often than you would think. It’s such a quick process; you can use it anytime you’re lost, stuck in traffic, or are detoured somewhere else that you’re not familiar with.

Stop down to Joe Myers Toyota if you would like more information on the Toyota Destination Assist technology. If you aren’t sure that this is a feature you can use, take a test drive in one of the models that we currently have on our lot. We’re sure you’re going to fall in love with Toyota and their Destination Assist technology.