Toyota Avalon to be Discontinued for 2023  

After many years of Toyota Avalon production, the company has announced that it will not continue in 2023. This comes after successful decades of dominance in the market. However, the Sedan seemed better than the Toyota Camry and cheaper than the Lexus ES.

The Sedan was a preference for many until the SUVs’ introduction, reducing the demand for Avalon. Reportedly, Avalon was introduced immediately after Toyota Cressida, which faced similar problems at the time of discontinuation. Toyota, however, announced that the dream of improved Sedan lineups is still on, and customers should keep checking for future developments.

When Avalon was introduced, most saw it as an answer to comfort and space needs. The vehicle was also known for its cheap maintenance and affordability. However, it has been a shadow of the ES 350 and Camry, which seem more luxurious, leading to the fading Avalon. Its fading made people forget how great of a car it is. The discontinuation of Avalon is only for the US market since the last production in Kentucky is ending in late 2022.

When buyers lost interest in the vehicle, the company saw a decrease in sales in 2019 and 2021. One of the main reasons for the low demand was that no notable improvements were noted for the vehicle anymore, while cars like Camry kept improving in aspects.

For those who love large Sedans, the Avalon may remain their choice since it will still be in neighboring markets like China. Contact us or visit our dealership for more information and speak to the representatives.

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