Genesys Works  

Genesys Works is a revolutionary organization that helps students in underserved communities achieve life-long success. This is accomplished by providing training, creating impactful relationships, and even giving them meaningful work experiences. The ultimate goal is to provide high school students with the ability to have a lifetime of economic self-sufficiency.

The program incorporates eight weeks of training that focuses on professional development and information technology. By giving high school students these skills, Genesys Works is also helping to close employment gaps. The entire Houston community can benefit from this.

After a student has completed their training, they get connected with a company for a year-long, paid internship. The students work 20 hours a week while still attending school. While working, the students are providing valuable help to the company while also furthering their skills.

Genesys Works

During the internship, local students are also getting college and career coaching. In total, they will receive over 60 hours over one year. The coaching can help students apply for financial aid, get certification training, and even fill out college applications.

Genesys Works does not stop helping students when they graduate high school. This organization has an alumni support network that can continue to provide career path guidance as the years go on. This support network can help alumni get past barriers that typically prevent sustained financial success.

The Genesys Works model has been proven to improve the lives of individuals and the community at large. Local families and companies alike benefit. Genesys Works has served over 3,700 people, and 90% of them enrolled in college. Visit their website for more information about the great work of Genesys Works.

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