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How Often Should I Service My Toyota RAV4?

Toyota RAV4 service intervals are a pleasant way to keep your high-energy RAV4 running at top condition. These inspections, replacements, and repairs are essential to longevity for your trusty Toyota and will leave you with far fewer repair bills over the years. As always, your service manual has an extensive Toyota RAV4 maintenance schedule that will be more in-depth than this general guide. Always consult it, as your trim levels vary in their precise maintenance routine.

15,000-Mile Service

Oil and filter changes start here. Replenishing your oil and installing a fresh filter is a new lease for your engine to continue running in new condition unimpeded by the grit and grime of dirty oil and filters. A new tire rotation keeps those tires wearing evenly and for longer. Certified auto mechanics inspect components for fluid leaks, and they may also take a look at hoses as well during this point in time.

30,000-Mile Service

Precious fluids will play a part in your 30,000-mile service as well. Your brake fluid and engine coolant are two critical fluids to check at this stage. Once again, tire rotations may be necessary here, but you may also want to replace your tires at 30,000 miles. This will depend in large part on how and where you drive. Avid off-roaders will want to replace tires sooner than someone who commutes to work. Spark plugs can also be checked here.

60,000-Mile Service

Automatic transmission fluid may need to be replaced at 60,000 miles. Other components to check here are brake pads and tires. Those tires that rolled through to 60,000 miles may be ready for replacement by this inspection. Possible oil change and filter change might be in order here, too.

90,000-Mile Service

Spark plugs and your timing belt are two biggies to look at during your 90,000-mile service. A Drive belt and strut/shock absorber replacement aren't unusual at 90,000 miles. This is a critical point for your RAV4, as to how far it goes on is based on how well you equip it to continue from here. Never leave a service undone. Prepare your RAV4 for the next long haul. This service interval almost always replaces spark plugs and brake pads.

Joe Myers Toyota is a wonderful place to carry out all your maintenance routines for your RAV4. Be sure to read your service manual for precise service intervals specific to your trim.


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