How Often Should I Have My Oil Changed?

Here's why skipping oil changes is so detrimental. Watch this video for details about Toyota oil change service in Houston.

Claim your oil change coupon here and enjoy one of the many perks offered by Joe Myers Toyota. If you've been on the hunt for Toyota oil change coupons in Houston, we're happy to deliver just what you've been looking for. Our express service center provides many maintenance and parts specials for Houston drivers, but the oil change is among the most important.

How Do Oil Changes Maintain Engine Health?

Protecting your car's engine, the heart of your vehicle, is what clean oil is designed to do. Helping all of the components that work hard to keep your engine running is the prime purpose of oil. It not only cools and cleans debris from the combustion area, but also serves the very important purpose of lubricating all of the components that make your car go.

With every moving part working in conjunction next to others and being metal in composition, there needs to be a proper lubricating agent at hand. Engine oil is the substance that keeps those parts sealed and lubricated, helping to reduce friction and manage heat, while moving debris and suspending contaminants in a liquid. Use our Toyota oil change coupon and follow the recommended lube, oil and filter change schedule for your car, to ensure that your vehicle's oil is doing what it should to protect your engine.

How Does Unclean Oil Affect Car Engines?

To put it simply, all of the functions that oil should perform, as mentioned above, cannot be properly taken care of. The mechanics at our oil change center in Houston are familiar with the damage that old oil can cause, especially when it is left for overly long periods or when oil changes are ignored on a regular basis. Damage may not be present at first, but can become noticeable and expensive to repair when drivers continuously put off their lube, oil and filter changes.

Joe Myers Toyota is home to vehicle models like the Camry, Corolla, Prius, Tacoma and RAV4 and other popular Toyota models. If you're in need of a car or truck oil change in Houston, make us your premier auto service center.



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