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How Can I Save On A New RAV4?

Have you ever fallen in love with a new car only to have that love lessen as the vehicle got older and more worn? You can use auto leasing to avoid that feeling. By leasing a new Toyota RAV4 from us, you can drive your favorite vehicle during its young years and return it to us just as it starts to mature, at the lease's end. At that time, you can walk away or decide to start a new lease with a brand new Toyota.

In multiple ways, leasing can help you stretch your money. Typically, lessees pay less upfront than the down payment to buy the same car. Put that extra money toward a vacation, education or your retirement!

Each month, your lease payment will likely be less than a monthly payment to buy the same car, too. With that savings, you can purchase lovely meals, or you can choose a more excellent trim package than you might have planned.

Further, if breakdowns worry you, leasing a car should help you worry less. As cars age, they outlive their warranties and require more repairs. Under the typical lease, you will drive your new car within its warranty period. Therefore, you can likely expect to pay for service and maintenance costs, and you will probably avoid repair costs.

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