'Change Your Prius Battery'  

The Toyota Prius is one of the most economical cars on the road and comes with two different batteries, depending on the trim level you select. Most people have a lead-acid battery with 12 volts which is considered a Pb-A accessory battery. Another battery some drivers use is a Panasonic Metal Case Prismatic Module, which you'll find in the Prius model. The Panasonic battery is unique because you can't charge it manually, and the lead-acid battery is commonly charged manually or when you jumpstart it.

How is the Battery Accessed?

You can reach the lead-acid battery by using the handle on the hood on the front of the car to lift the hood easily. You can mount the hood open to avoid holding it open with your hand while you work on the battery. The battery port is present under the red plastic lid on the right-hand side of the engine.

Where Do I Connect the Cables?

If you're looking for the positive cable for your battery, it's easy to find because it has a white line. If you plan to use a different charger, connect the positive port to the other positive cable. The black wire is negative and can connect to the negative port. Prevent any of the opposite ends from touching one another, which can release a shock that is dangerous.

Starting Each Step of the Process

Once all wires are hooked up to the right place, you'll need to spark the battery by pressing the accelerator for a second or two. Turn the engine on and drive the vehicle for an average of 20 minutes. Avoid turning off the car. The battery can also be charged overnight. Use caution and work slowly to avoid mistakes because it's always dangerous when handling electricity. Double-check your work to ensure you perform each step correctly and protect your safety.

Be sure to check that there isn't anything else running on your car that can cause the battery to die. This includes the headlights or lights in your vehicle. The battery should last as long as your car runs before it needs to be replaced. You can visit a Toyota dealership if you're encountering issues that you can't diagnose or repair on your own. We can perform a thorough inspection and restore the vehicle's operation to ensure you can get back on the road and have a reliable mode of transportation.