How to Engage & Release Toyota Steering Wheel Lock?

How to Engage & Release Toyota Steering Wheel Lock

Newer Toyota models are equipped with a number of features that will protect your vehicle and you. One of these features that is designed to keep components of your vehicle safe and protected is the steering wheel lock function. This feature is designed to lock your steering wheel in place when your vehicle is in park and turned off. This is designed to protect your suspension. Your wheel is not meant to be turned if your vehicle is not in motion. If you have inadvertently locked up your steering system, then you can follow a few short tips to unlock your steering wheel. Let’s walk through the steps:

  • Press down the start and stop button located at the ignition site.
  • Gently turn your steering wheel, first to the left and then to the right. Don’t force the wheel if it is not moving on its own.
  • At this point you should notice that the wheel will unlock. If it does not, you may see a flashing green light at your ignition location. This is featured in a number of Toyota vehicles.

If you need assistance with learning how to unlock your steering wheel lock system, feel free to come down to Joe Myers Toyota. We’ll help you learn how to complete this process hands on. Our technicians know all about every little feature on each Toyota model on our lot. We are happy to help you learn about everything that your vehicle can do. This will help you make the most out of your vehicle and investment.

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