How to Charge a Prius Battery

How to Charge a Prius Battery

The Toyota Prius comes with two different batteries depending on the trim level that you choose. The more common battery you will find is a lead acid battery that is twelve volt and labeled as a Pb-A accessory battery. There is a second battery that you may have in your vehicle is a Panasonic Metal Case Prismatic Module, and it is made especially for hybrid cars like the Prius. The difference is mainly that the Panasonic battery is not designed to be charged manually. It replenishes when an onboard generator runs. The lead-acid battery, however, is charged by way of a battery charger or if you jump start the battery with the use of another vehicle. Let’s take a look at how you would charge your battery if need be.

How do You Access the Battery?

You can find the lead acid battery by opening up the Prius hood. There is a handle that is located on the bottom left area of the steering wheel. You hook the hood open like all other vehicles to have access to the battery without having to hold the hood open while you work. There is a plastic protector that sits on the battery, which is located on the top right-hand side of the engine. Under the red plastic lid, you will find the battery port.

Where Do I Hook Up The Cables?

The positive cable for the Prius battery will usually have a white line painted on it. This cable will be hooked up to the positive port in your Prius. If you are using a separate battery charger, you will hook the positive port of the battery charger to the positive cable. The negative wire is black, and it will hook up to the negative port of the vehicle. When completing this process, make sure that the opposite end of the cable doesn’t touch anything that is made of metal. The wire could be electrically charged at this point and could generate quite a shock if you aren’t careful. The negative port in the Prius is any bolt that is located north of the battery on the hood.

Beginning The Process

After you have everything hooked up correctly, and you have checked things over, you will want to start your vehicle and press the accelerator just enough that you are sparking the battery. You will need to drive for approximately twenty minutes. During this time make sure that you don’t turn off your engine. If you are utilizing a separate charger, you can hook up your Prius to that and leave it charging overnight or so. Make sure that throughout this process, you are paying attention to everything that you are doing. While the process is meant to be done by the person owning the vehicle, you can make a mistake that could be dangerous. You are dealing with electricity after all, and things can quickly become a problem if you aren't careful.

You want to make sure that during the process of charging, you don’t have anything else running on your vehicle like the headlights could cause your battery to discharge and die. The battery in your car is designed to last just about as long as your vehicle is. If you are having issues that you think could be tied to your Prius, bring your automobile to our Toyota dealership so one of our service technicians can take a look at your vehicle. We will make sure that everything is in working order, that your battery is holding a charge and that your car is reliable.

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