Toyota to Introduce Amazon Alexa in its Vehicles

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As more vehicles are being built with the latest technology, Toyota is keeping up by introducing Amazon Alexa in select models of both Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Amazon Alexa is an intelligent cloud-based voice system that makes it easy to perform various tasks with ease.

Amazon Alexa works as a personal assistant that can create to-do lists, provide directions, pull up the news through TuneIn, control your entertainment options, set alarms, play audiobooks, monitor traffic, offer weather conditions through AccuWeather, and stream podcasts or music through Spotify and Pandora while you spend time behind the wheel. The digital assistant can make it easier to remain productive while driving without having to take your eyes off the road.

Voice services are increasing in popularity because it offers convenience to drivers and passengers while remaining safe. Drivers won't have to look down at their phone or type a text message and can rely on Amazon Alexa to do the work by making simple voice commands. As more people rely on the virtual personal assistant in their office and home, Toyota has transformed the auto industry by integrating Alexa into specific car models that will be released. The feature is expected to become more widespread in 2019 with new models that are released.

Car models that feature the Toyota Entune 3.0 App Suite and Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0 will include Amazon Alexa and can make it easy to perform thousands of various tasks without lifting a finger. Toyota and Lexus are the first car brands in the auto industry to introduce Alexa on the road to drivers. Not only can drivers and passengers use the feature to add milk to their grocery list or play a particular song, but the personal assistant can also be used to interact with smart home devices that are present in the house while away from the property. It'll be easy to turn on a light in the house or adjust the temperature without having to be physically present in the building. The service can even lock the doors to the car or start the engine with a voice command that is made to another device in the home, making it easier to get in the car and drive off in a fraction of the time.

Customers can also subscribe for Alexa for Business, which allows users to connect to conference calls, book conference rooms, schedule meetings throughout the week, and even perform customs kills that are provided by third-party vendors. Most are the skills that are available are provided by Salesforce, Microsoft, and SAP. Other technologies that is currently available in Toyota models include a bird's eye view camera, standard lane departure alerts, an infotainment system, and Wi-Fi.

If you're interested in learning more about the Toyota models or want to test drive a vehicle, we can introduce you to our large inventory by visiting our local dealership today! We'll provide more information about each model and also discuss financing options that are available to our customers.

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