What are Three of the Best Toyota Cars for Teenagers?

2018 Toyota Corolla

Parents want to get the safest car they can for their younger drivers. They also want it to be fuel efficient, reducing operating costs. Teenagers have other ideas. They are focused on fun colors, curb appeal, cushy interiors, and the latest dash technologies. Where can you get what you want and satisfy them too? The Toyota lineup has some appropriate choices that match all of your criteria and theirs. Here are three teen favorites.

1. Yaris Hatchback

Still the smallest Toyota, the Yaris hatchback now offers excellent standards. The most notable are its nine airbags and a suite of collision avoidance systems. Wreck prevention starts with a lane departure alert. If the teen’s steering is causing the vehicle to leave its lane lines, the warning will sound, which should prompt them to return to the safety of their lane. Another standard, automatic high beams raise and lower to match the traffic pattern, which relieves the teen of a big responsibility and helps them concentrate on their driving. The third system is pre-collision mitigation braking. This system watches for trouble and tries to intervene to reduce injuries or impact. Teens may be more interested in the Entune 6.1-inch touchscreen, now a standard on the Yaris, which comes with Bluetooth streaming audio and a rearview camera. You also get Siri Eyes Free for iPhone users, a USB port with iPod connectivity, an auxiliary jack, and advanced voice recognition. The new Yaris has a hot hatch curb appeal. Toyota even offers to let you go sporty with a Blue Eclipse Metallic exterior with a Black Sand Pearl roof. There are multiple trim levels as well as two-door and four-door hatchback styles.

2. Yaris iA Sedan

The Yaris iA sedan shares a name, but it is entirely different from the hatchback. The Yaris iA has a sedan’s comfortable build, and its dash has a unique Pioneer system with apps such as Aha and Stitcher. With this vehicle, shoppers get an affordable price and excellent fuel economy. Your teen will be more impressed with its high-spirited engine and its agile handling. The interior has a premium feel, and there’s an exclusive display system for wireless streaming audio. Your teen can use Stitcher, Aha or Pandora to find entertainment. A collision mitigation system helps during city driving. Recognizing a possible impact, it can brake itself to minimize or stop the damage. It is offered with a single trim level. You won’t have to haggle with your teen about which trim is best for your budget.

3. Corolla iM Hatchback

The Corolla iM Hatchback is the sportiest member of the Corolla family. It has a big cargo hold that will make packing for summer camp or college easier. Like the Yaris iM, it comes with a single price tag. Shoppers will appreciate that Toyota has packed everything needed for the car. You won’t pay extra for a Pioneer audio system. Music is accessible to find when you have Pandora, Aha, and HD radio. Like the Yaris hatchback, this car has a lane departure alert, a collision mitigation system, and automatic high beams to help reduce the chances of a wreck.

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