Video: How to Use the Yaris iA's Low-Speed Pre-Collision System

The 2017 Yaris iA is available with an advanced safety system that assists drivers with avoiding or mitigating accidents. Check out how to use the sedan’s low-speed pre-collision system in the video below.

The Toyota Yaris iA sedan’s Smart City Brake Support system is designed to help you avoid or reduce the severity of potential collisions when driving between 2-18 mph.

  • The system will present a warning chime and visual alert on your information display if it detects a potential collision when you’re traveling at low speed.

  • If you brake to avoid the collision, the system will assist you by applying additional braking pressure and response as needed.

  • If you do not brake to avoid the collision in time, the system will automatically apply braking pressure.

  • If for any reason you want to deactivate the system, turn your menu dial and press down to select Settings. Next, tilt the dial to the right to reach the Safety tab, then press down on the control. This will uncheck Smart City Brake Support and deactivate it. Use the same procedure to reactivate and add the checkmark back; otherwise, the system defaults to on when the car is restarted.

In parking lots, stop-and-go traffic, and several other situations, the Yaris iA’s low-speed pre-collision system is effective at protecting drivers and their passengers from many types of preventable accidents.

Toyota Yaris iA Smart City Brake Support
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